Whose a doll? ? KENDALL JENNER

Kendall Jenner beautifully opened the show on the Fendi Couture Show on the Trivia Fountain in Rome this season. She has shown and marked her place as the most prominent leading model of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and rightfully so. She has graced her presence on numerous prestigious magazines as well as currently representing Estee Lauder as […]

Summer 2016 Breakup Songs ?

People usually associate the Summer time filled with happiness and laughter, carefree occupation at the beach/pool, and in a heated romantic summer fling. Basking in the warmth of love and listening to romantic songs on the radio you are 100% certain it was written about you and your significant other. Right? Well not always… Breaking up […]

July Playlist

A playlist is what fuels a party and sets the right vibe for any gathering. What ever the event is having a jam hit fueled playlist will make everything go perfectly for your party! For this Fourth of July ?? EyeforVogue has put together a couple of songs that will fit with any event with […]