International Women’s Day (March 8, 2017)

We MARCH on International Women’s Day (originally named International Working Women’s Day) on March 8th to commemorate the movement for women’s right. The original naming for this day is apt because there is an abundance of things that still requires immense work, fought for and strongly resisted. Join and become a crusader along with other champions already spearheading the same historic fight fought by our predecessors.With the advancement in technology and medicine you’d think we’d make more headway in the equals right as well as women’s right movements.

Fear seems paralyzingly, but I personally believe it is the fuel for action, to change the predicament that is causing you fear. When I read or watch current events my heart is capsized by fear. When I read comments on social media of people tearing at one another, baring their fangs into each other terror and dejection quells my spirited heart. So I wanted to advocate for a change for love, respect and solidarity. A spur for action and empathy to try to understand one another in the hopes of creating a better future, surpass our past disgraces by doing better.  #BeBoldForChange

 I remember the Women’s March Los Angeles on January 21st, I was shocked and elated that so many women felt the way I did. There were masses of people all congregated to unite and fight which made me feel a part of something that everyone knew genuinely mattered. I recall an elderly women holding a sign that said: I still can’t believe I have to fight for this cause! It was an exemplary statement and a valid comment on how much hasn’t really changed for the better (despite what we try to tell ourselves that some things has changed to a more desirable state, but is it the ideal, best situation possible?) for equal rights and women’s right movements.




? Spread love not hate. A reminder from @j_h_xc that even in 2017 these kind of comments and setbacks is the reason we can’t move forward. Didn’t your mommy ever teach you, if you can’t say something nice you shouldn’t say anything at all? Even negative opinions can be articulated without drenching with such condescending, elitist locution.





When people come together for the same cause there is no division nor rank, but simply unity!

More pics down below for empowerment, unity and support:


The Wrap


Eye Em Blog



One obstacle tackled now onto the next one because it’s a marathon and we seem to have just jumped the first hurdle, but there was plenty more barricades in front of us before we make it across that finish line.





A champion for the cause and now our guardian angel!


Ending on a more hopeful note! You have every right to be saddened, disappointed by the states of things but afterwards rise up again and fight against any opposition much like a Phoenix!

See you next Post!

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